Belt Material

Students – access the belt material you need using the links below. The material is password-protected. If you do not know the password, ask Kyoshi Lingerfelt or Shihan Godfrey to get the appropriate password.

Make sure you pick up the correct material (Little Dragons, Junior, Adult)!

Little Dragons Junior Class Adult Class
Introductory Info Introductory Info Introductory Info
White w/ Yellow Stripe Yellow w/ Black Stripe Yellow
White w/ Orange Stripe Gold w/ Black Stripe Gold
White w/ Green Stripe Orange w/ Black Stripe Orange
  Green w/ Black Stripe Green
  Blue w/ Black Stripe Blue
  Purple w/ Black Stripe Purple
  Intermediate Info Intermediate Info
  Red w/ Black Stripe Red
  Brown w/ Black Stripe Brown
  1st Junior Black Black
  2nd Junior Black Advanced Info_ 2 thru 5 Black
  3rd Junior Black Advanced Kata
    Weapons Kata