History of AFSK

Hanshi Piddington

Grandmaster Jerry Piddington

On May 2, 1972, Grandmaster Jerry Piddington was declared the headmaster and founder of the American Open Karate style under the USKA sanctified charter, established by O’Sensei Trias, which was internationally ratified on May 30, 1975.  The American Open Style was a blend of styles acquired from many of Grandmaster’s pioneers of modern karate.  The principles, technical aspects, and mechanical elements are based on the ancient art of hand-to hand fighting.

Hanshi McCall

Hanshi Danny McCall

In 1973, Hanshi Danny McCall started teaching American Open Karate at Grandmaster Jerry Piddington’s first school in Charlotte, N.C.  Hanshi McCall assisted Grandmaster Piddington in developing a chain of five schools in North and South Carolina.  The oldest American Freestyle Karate School is this one, in Fort Mill.  Hanshi McCall and Grandmaster Piddington started AFSK Fort Mill in May 1977.  Hanshi McCall ran this school until turning it over to Kyoshi Charles Lingerfelt in March 1980.  Kyoshi Lingerfelt still runs the oldest American Freestyle Karate Club.